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London-based digital strategy, marketing, brand and business development consultancy, delivering increased market awareness and growth for our clients.
Vertics tuottaa ammattimaisia ohjelmistopalveluita on steroids. Lyhyesti "on steroids" rakentuu laadukkaan ja alan parhaita malleja noudattavan ohjelmistopalvelun ja startup-maailmaa entraavan toimintaympäristön yhteistyöstä. Vertics tuottaa käytännössä mobiilisovelluksia ja verkkoratkaisuja.
I am a business transformation coach and career coach, business mentor and facilitator. My mission is to empower people and businesses to become their “best selves”, to help them grow, fulfil their dreams and find their...
Web-pages, which will help small businesses with sales and with affordable price. Monthly or yearly subscriptions. Currently struggling with sales because of language barrier.
Papula-Nevinpat is an expert in IP protection with over 40 years experience, including a strong history of more than 20 years in international markets. They serve hundreds of customers ranging from startups to global Fortune500 -companies....

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