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Apollonian Group is a business advisory firm based in Finland, Belgium and Luxembourg that has pioneered a versatile approach towards analysing companies with high levels of intangible assets (software, IPR, human capital, strategic partnerships etc.). By combining asset-, income- and market-based methodologies we provide a 360-degree assessment of all revenue-driving assets as well as a transparent estimate of the present and future value of your business. We currently work with start-up and growth companies in 10 markets and we have been the appointed adviser in funding rounds with an aggregated value exceeding €250 million.

Our offering

Accounting, Analytics, Business Development, Business Services, Consulting

Apollonian Insight is a fast, effective and structured analysis of a company’s current business-model, structure and value. It provides a comprehensive assessment of business operations, with a focus on strategic assets. In addition, it evaluates external elements such as the competitive market and industry trends. Apollonian Insight uncovers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the company.


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