Medified Solutions Oy

Medified Solutions Oy

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Medified Solutions Oy

Medified is an early-stage startup from Tampere. The ambitious mindset of the core team is to develop new digital solutions for everyday problems of healthcare. Co-founders are medical students who create solutions for future healthcare professionals like ourselves. Our goal is to transform depression treatment by creating a digital connection between healthcare professional and patient. With our mobile application, the depression patient can capture and communicate daily feelings and symptoms in an easy and precise way to the healthcare professional. The core feature in the patient application is gamified health quiz. The daily quiz is based on pure clinical information and depression diagnosis tools. With a mobile application, we intensify the beginning of the treatment and at the same time patients receive support through the personal recovery journey. Healthcare professional's cloud-based software monitors patients in real-time and provides a new type of valuable treatment information for the decision-making process. The self-treatment data gathered from the patients is secured with end-to-end encryption. With this valuable insight, healthcare professionals can make better decisions over the patient’s situation and future treatment plans. Our software is designed for digital appointments because it allows treatment changes done remotely. Our SaaS is a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for all parties in healthcare. We create knowledge-based value for patients, professionals, and healthcare providers. Patients receive better overall treatment with less unnecessary healthcare visits. We support healthcare professionals' everyday work with a tool that makes treatment planning more effective. Efficiency and better care create more profitable healthcare.

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Industry Health Technology, Health and Wellness, SaaS

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We need meaningful partners for the pilot projects. We are looking for organizations that are willing to improve their digital healthcare solutions. Partners can be private or public healthcare providers, therapy service providers or private healthcare professionals.


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