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Papula-Nevinpat is an expert in IP protection with over 40 years experience, including a strong history of more than 20 years in international markets. They serve hundreds of customers ranging from startups to global Fortune500 -companies. Papula-Nevinpat is your portal to the Russia-Eurasia region, Europe, China and USA.

Our offering


IP evaluation, searches and strategic advice Protecting your invention should already begin during product development. We'll help you evaluate the extent your idea can be protected as well as the right protection strategy. IP applications and registrations Patent, utility model, trademark or design right? We'll find you the right protection method and prepare you a strong and effective application. IP enforcement, use, and conflicts We'll watch over your rights and interests, defending them against counterfeiting, pirating or other infringements. Ville Kari 043 825 3387 [email protected]


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