Amberbuzz Consulting Oy

Amberbuzz Consulting Oy

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Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland

Amberbuzz Consulting Oy

I am a business transformation coach and career coach, business mentor and facilitator. My mission is to empower people and businesses to become their “best selves”, to help them grow, fulfil their dreams and find their true vocation in the world, now and for the future. I see this as my “calling” – to help solve the world’s challenges by empowering people and teams to take responsibility for their future and the future of the world. My vision is for a world that has successfully navigated the information technology revolution to a place of prosperity for all. Where global warming and environmental disasters are topics of the past, where people live in health and harmony with the environment and each other. I believe that current and emerging technologies contain the foundation for this place of prosperity, driven by the resilience and creativity of the human race to adapt and to grow. However, for many people this transition will not be easy – they will need support.

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I provide a range of coaching, mentoring and facilitation services, tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses, all targetted at supporting transformation. I am a certified Life Coach, a certified OpenExO Consultant, a "Scaling Up" Coach and certified p<roject Manager with over 40 years experience leading and facilitating change


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