Enifer Bio (VTT LaunchPad)

Enifer Bio (VTT LaunchPad)

Enifer Bio (VTT LaunchPad)

Enifer Bio is developing production of sustainably sourced protein from biorefining waste streams. Enifer Bio’s mission is to provide biotechnical solutions and help biorefineries to maximize value in the biorefining chain. The company has unique expertise in development of fungal bioprocesses. There is enormous potential wasted in the agro- and forest industries due to the inefficient utilization of side and waste streams. Converting these biomass streams into added-value products would significantly improve biorefineries’ economics and competitiveness.

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Enifer Bio is looking for first users for their solution, partners in the value chain and later on funding. Currently the venture has on-going discussions with several potential customers, but wishes to explore the potential market further.

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